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How effective is your current financial management? Is your business leaking cash? Looking for new ways to improve your profits? Take a closer look at your numbers, sync your cloud accounting software and get a clearer understanding around the current state of your company, software developer, MAUS Business Systems, have developed a new all-in-one tool to help assist you with examining your financial data. The software is designed to help business owners with their planning, analysis and reporting in a more effective and easy to understand manner. Business owners can now easily structure their strategy and reporting methodology in-house or on the go with this cloud based software solution.

Introducing the Virtual CFO


How the software can help?

The MAUS Virtual CFO software is the perfect software tool for performing comprehensive financial health checks on your business.

The software seamlessly integrates with Xero and QuickBooks to deliver an unparalleled experience to users.

The Virtual CFO allows you to utilise three pieces of MAUS software under one package. Not only can you perform a deep dive financial analysis of your company, you can also set up and track KPIs for you and your team with the built in KPI Dashboard, and potentially unlock more revenue & cash with the Profit Builder tools ‘What If’ analysis.

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This financial analysis tool provides you with a structured process to analyse your business and provide a detailed financial health check report in minutes rather than hours.

Importing your financial data has never been easier with the innovative and secure XERO, QuickBooks and Excel integration feature.

With the built in Profit Builder tool, you can easily track key indicators on a one page dashboard to measure profit, cash, expense and EBIT against historical data and targets.

The KPI Dashboard add-on tool can easily consolidate your financial and non-financial KPIs into an interactive one page snapshot.

As the software is purely cloud based, each member of your team can access the tool to update their monthly financials, KPIs and when necessary, generate professional and easy to read reports.


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  • Step-by-step wizard guides you through the whole strategic planning process
  • Create impressive strategic plans that are simple & effective
  • Create Cash Flow and Financial Budgets & 5 year forecasts in minutes
  • Automates a full set of milestones & creates an action plan to monitor tasks and keep your team on track
  • Utilise the built in KPI Dashboard tool to create a one page snapshot of your business
  • Import financial data direct from excel and cloud accounting software tools such as XERO and QuickBooks
  • Upload your company’s’ entire hierarchy structure for effective individual KPI assessment
  • Create a platform to engage your staff and review performance
  • Multiple logins and permissions for employees and managers

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