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Building a successful business from start-up to sustained profitability is no easy feat, especially in the current economic climate. There are no short-cuts or absolute guarantees when building a thriving business. But there are successes, which come from a combination of careful planning, hard work and working with the right team. After investing significant amounts of money and time into the business, it is unwise to jettison the rewards of your hard work by failing to plan a successful exit. It is therefore wise to consider structuring your exit strategy around a proven methodology that can help identify the needs of the business owner post-exit.

Introducing the ValueMax Program


How the software can help?

The MAUS ValueMax software will help you to create Exit & Succession plans quickly and effectively. Produce a professional exit & succession plan report with just the click of a button. Identify gaps and produce strategic action plans.

The audit process is automated with topical questionnaires that will automatically compile into detailed reports or professional presentations. Each report is automatically branded with your company’s logo and includes your company’s details that are automatically merged into the reports.

The software automatically compiles a comprehensive “exit & succession plan” report based on the “attractiveness” and “readiness” index. The report automatically calculates the score and graphs the gaps indicating the necessary action plan that is needed to increase the value of the business.

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The Exit & Succession Planning Software will completely automate the reporting process. Once you’ve input the relevant details into the software, you’ll have a whole range of assessment and reporting options that suit the different stages of your exit strategy – from business & personal goals to business attractiveness & personal readiness.

ValueMax Program

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  • Step-by-step process that guides you through the whole exit & succession planning process
  • Creates impressive reports that are simple, enjoyable & effective
  • Creates a powerful “One Page Exit Plan” that clearly lays out your exit goals
  • Use the inbuilt value range tool to show how you are helping to grow the value of your business

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