Ronny Munster

Growth Partner, Growth Coach Specialist

An experienced Director, Ronny Munster has worked with a range of companies in a variety of industries over the past 30 years from smaller start-up ventures to larger companies but with a clear focus on the SME market.

Having worked with and for entrepreneurs and business owners for most of his career, he is adept at providing strategic advice to business owners and managers to ensure that companies are able to make the most of the business opportunities presented to them.

Ronny enjoys building relationships with business owners, providing strategic and tactical advice as well as providing a listening ear, acting as confidante for those in the lonely role of running and growing a business.

Ronny qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant whilst working for a nascent Channel 4 Television where he first developed his skills as an innovator and relationship builder. Following six years working in Paris and Luxembourg where he built from scratch a successful client services administration company for an international fund management group, he returned to London to work as Group Finance Director establishing a professional finance function.

Ronny has worked at Director level at several SMEs as well as some larger companies. His roles often including business operations, technology and HR functions as well as finance, enabling him to provide key strategic advice to business owners.

During the past few years, as an Associate of EFM, Ronny has focussed increasingly on his role as a Growth Coach. With a flexible and hands-on approach, I worked with key business stakeholders to relieve growing pains and enhance business success by developing meaningful strategies and improving the flow of business-critical information to management.

Over the course of his career, he has worked in the following businesses:
Scale Up – helped a company expand overseas including planning for staffing, meeting the strict requirements of overseas regulators, ensure adequately funding, transfer pricing issues and revenue generation.
Coaching and advice – currently coaching a business owner in the corporate entertainment sector to build a clear marketing strategy, enabling stronger sales and improved brand awareness.
Driving business and performance – The MD of an insurance company wanted improved performance and output from its finance function so that overall business critical decision making could be improved across all business functions. Assessments were made of the staff complement, software systems, business and reporting processes and responsibilities to determine whether the company had the optimum structure for its needs. The assignment resulted in numerous changes of personnel and systems within the department.
Exit planning – Working closely and advising the owner of a tuition consultancy on key strategic objectives to enable the company to be ready for sale or merger during the next two years.
Analysis and Opportunity – Assisted a SaaS and value-added global software company with an analysis of its competitive landscape in order to determine whether its pricing and functional offering were suitable to grow its presence in the UK and overseas.
Support, encourage, challenge – collaborative development of plan to support the launch of a new financial technology product to disrupt the existing foreign currency and payments market.
Customer, product, people – The UK CEO of an international firm required a review of staffing, product profitability and also a redesign of finance and administrative functions to enable tax specialist consulting firm to meet its Head Office and statutory requirements.

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