Charles McKay

Growth Partner

Highly experienced Growth Partner Charles McKay has a proven track record in helping large and small businesses, as well as not-for-profit organisations, to change and grow.

He has experience in strategy formulation and execution, financial and commercial management, business development, fundraising, acquisitions, disposals, governance and change management.

Team-oriented, reliable and results-focused, Charles demonstrates the ability to manage by influence.

For the last 17 years, Charles has been involved in digital technology, communications and not-for-profit companies from start-up status to maturing companies providing the necessary skills and processes to support their growth. He has been involved in numerous corporate transactions including acquisitions, disposals, fund raising and taking a company onto the AIM market.

Over the course of his career, he has:

  • Run and grown businesses – achieved significant growth of business ideas and concepts converting these into income streams with an eye on recurring revenue opportunities. Organic growth supplemented by acquisition or outsourcing to infill skills missing from the business. Roles have included CEO, COO, CFO and FD.
  • New business set up– set up businesses from scratch; created business plans, sourced finance, staff, offices, equipment and so on to create an infrastructure and set objectives.
  • Due diligence – whether this has been for fund raising, listing on AIM, acquisition or disposal, he has completed all these tasks and negotiated contracts surrounding this activity.
  • Fundraising – supported sale and acquisition of small and medium sized businesses, raised equity and debt finance including bank loans, asset finance and invoice discounting facilities to aid cash flow management and growth.
  • Exit planning – along with co-director led the exit from Media 5 Solutions to an overseas buyer via an asset sale and earn out.
  • Buy/Sell Business – acquisition and disposal of creative agencies, maintenance and installation, assembly, logistics, digital technology and customer volume to aid growth and breadth of offer to customers
  • Governance – managed senior boards and staff to engender “best behaviour” and be cognisant of risks surrounding the company


‘We completed a management buy out in late 2013. I was CEO and he was CFO. We sold a substantial part of the business in April 2017.
During that period we established a very effective working relationship. I had complete confidence in his ability to manage the financial position, both operationally and strategically. He used his experience and knowledge to provide a calm, measured voice of sanity to an often fraught management team. His particular skill is to see the bigger picture and ensure any decisions taken are consistent with the overall strategy. His demeanour is one of quiet confidence and I have never seen him flustered.
We continue to work together and I hope we can do so for years to come.’
Graeme Derby
Director Media 5 Solutions Ltd

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