Welcome to EFM Growth

EFM is pleased to announce the launch of our new business growth advisory service – EFM Growth. Separate from our more financially focused side of the brand, EFM Growth is a brand new venture with a specialist team, working alongside business owners to help support their growth strategy and overcome a wide range of commercial problems. We bring together your ambitions with effective techniques for business success.

The team works closely with growing businesses to understand their business goals and challenges. We support big ambitions with sound commercial strategy, navigating through periods of change, to planning and driving strategies for scale and profit. All of the EFM Growth team is highly experienced, having built, grown and sold businesses themselves, with strong and reputable track records in delivering growth through leadership, with specialist skills including international expansion, acquisitions, funding and exit planning.

Our specialist growth partners work as part of the clients team, collaborating with business owners and their teams to support, encourage and challenge each member of staff. EFM Growth’s goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for business owners and all key stakeholders. At all stages of the client’s business – from the outset, to a mature business, to planning an exit strategy, the growth team will help the owner to maximise the value of the business. Our services include:

If you’re a business owner who has maybe hit a glass ceiling, wants to invest in themselves for a change or looking to expand or sell, EFM Growth can help. Our experienced growth partners can help support your ambitions with our practical advice and support. Get in touch today! Email our team or call 01582 516300.

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