EFM Growth are pleased to welcome on board David Wyeth, our new Growth Partner from Surrey

About David….

An experienced Growth Partner providing professional advice and support for clients who wish to grow or re-structure their business by acquisition or sale. David works with a wide range of businesses but specialises in the digital sector including Information Technology, Telecoms, Marketing, Communications, Recruitment and Consulting.

David Wyeth - Business Advisor

Having worked in the IT and Telecoms sectors for many years, he is able to apply his experience to businesses in these and related sectors.  David has experience of business planning for growth, providing advice and support for business growth, exit planning, preparing businesses for sale and company sales, acquisitions and corporate disposals.

David has 27 years general business advisory experience and specialist Mergers and Acquisitions experience gained with Barcroft, The Difference Corporate Finance and Alaris Corporate Finance.  Prior to that, he worked in the Private Equity industry for seven years with Baronsmead (now Livingbridge) and has nine years’ experience of the IT and Telecoms industry with the PA Consulting Group and Imperial Software Technology.

David as an EFM Growth Partner….

EFM Growth is a team of Business Advisors; we work directly with business owners, delivering the best outcomes for you, your staff and customers. If you are looking to drive growth in your business, or planning your exit strategy, our experienced Business Advisors will help you deliver and execute effective growth plans.

We work closely with growing businesses to understand their goals, their business and their challenges. We support big ambitions with sound commercial strategy. From navigating though periods of change, to planning and driving strategies for scale and profit.

“My business partner and I ran a corporate finance firm advising on exit plans, company sales and acquisitions focussed primarily on the IT and telecoms sector.  When my business partner recently retired, I needed to find new ways of generating leads and people to work with who have a strong financial background.  I had recently sold a business for Charles McKay, an Associate of the EFM Network, and he introduced me to EFM as it was just launching EFM Growth.

As an EFM Growth Partner, I hope to win new clients who are seeking help to develop a business plan to grow prior to an exit and then taking them through the process of selling their company to maximise value, as well as clients wanting to accelerate their growth through acquisitions.  I am particularly looking to work with FD’s to maximise revenue for FD’s and Growth Partners.”

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