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Effective company key performance indicators (KPIs) guide a business on the journey towards its strategic goals. A good KPI should act as a compass: a measurement of where your business is, relative to where it has come from and where it is going. KPIs translate your business strategy into manageable, operational actions, based on the data you collect and monitor. They are an important component of the information needed to understand a company’s progress.

However, many business owners aren’t leveraging the power that comes from understanding their performance data. Failing to invest in compiling accurate business data, beyond the usual financial statements and reports, means business owners will continue to rely on “gut feelings” and assumptions when it comes to making decisions. But there is no substitute for concrete numbers when it comes to measuring the health and understanding the direction of your business.

Introducing the KPI Dashboard


How the software can help?

The KPI Dashboard provides you with a powerful but simple platform to display and understand every aspect of your business.

The software can take all financials, strategies, obstacles, and action plans, combining the data into a one page dashboard that can be used for simple monthly reporting. Save time by importing your financial data directly into the KPI Dashboard via cloud accounting software tools such as XERO and QuickBooks.

KPI Dashboard allows you as the business owner to make key employees accountable, helping your employees to increase focus and drive towards achieving a common set of goals, that can be assigned, tracked and reported on a daily to yearly basis.

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The KPI Dashboard tool easily consolidates your financial and non-financial KPIs into an interactive one page snapshot.

As the software is purely cloud based, each member of your team can access the tool to update their KPIs and when necessary, generate professional and easy-to-read reports – with traffic light reporting and eye catching graphs.

The software seamlessly integrates with Xero and QuickBooks to deliver an unparalleled experience to users. You can also import your data through an excel/csv file.

kpi software dashboard optimised

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  • Create a one page KPI snapshot of your business
  • Import financial data direct from excel and cloud accounting software tools such as XERO and QuickBooks
  • Upload your company’s’ entire hierarchy structure for effective individual KPI assessment
  • Create a platform to engage your staff and review performance
  • Instant reports that export to excel
  • Multiple logins and permissions for employees and managers

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