Profiting from Growth: Informed Funding Workshop | 25th Sept | 2pm – 5pm | Workspace’s The Leather Market

Profiting-from-GrowthThe narrative around Scale ups tends to be heavily focused on “Growth”- but unless Growth is converted to Profit at some point, what are you actually achieving? For the vast majority of companies, sustainable profits mean you can:

  • Re-invest to expand (profitably!).
  • Raise funds if required.
  • Build a saleable asset.
  • Generate greater personal financial returns than a salary.

If you are paying yourself a salary in a business that is not profitable, what you actually have is a very tough job. In fact, many SME business leaders believe they pay themselves less than their market value.

If you are growing the top line, this Workshop is a unique opportunity to really address how to generate increased profits, addressing questions such as:

  • Are you setting the right price for your product or service?
  • Can you improve your gross margin – and do you understand what it is in the first place.
  • Are you focusing on the most profitable target market(s)?
  • Can your business model support growth, without the extra revenue disappearing into overheads?
  • Are you missing obvious ways of reducing costs?
  • Can you identify the key drivers of your enterprise value and are you able to measure your performance against these drivers?

The Panel will take you through a range of options for generating greater profits and building enterprise value – options you can pick up and discuss with your own team. One of the great benefits of these Workshops is that they bring together a range of business leaders who can share their own experiences within a small and supportive group.

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Nick Winters, Head of Technology, Moore Kingston Smith

Nick heads Moore Kingston Smith’s Technology Sector Group and is his clients’ first port of call for all their strategic, accounting and tax needs. They like that he genuinely enjoys helping their businesses grow.

With a diverse portfolio of clients including mid-sized corporates, entrepreneurs and fast-growing businesses, Nick’s expertise extends beyond the UK. Those wishing to set up a business in the UK as well as those looking to expand internationally come to Nick for his cross-border advice.

An advocate for the benefits of mentoring in business, Nick provides mentoring and training to growing businesses in collaboration with the likes of London & Partners Business Growth Programme and Virgin StartUp.

Gary Jesson (CEO of EFM Financial Management Group and Finance Director) Group MD and co-founder of EFM.
Gary is a Business Advisor and Finance Director with over 40 years of experience in working with growing SME’s. He applies his knowledge in a wide range of sectors providing strategic financial and business advisory services with a team of experienced professionals on hand to support. He is also directly involved as a director or founder of several companies including a medical business, family investment office and an e-commerce sticker business as well as mentoring many others.

Edward Leek (CFOFinance DirectorBusiness AdvisorNon-exec Director at EFM Financial Management)

Edward Leek is a Finance Director for a portfolio of privately-owned growth companies. In addition to strategic and operational responsibilities, he has experience in Angel / VC / PE fund raising and has advised on many acquisitions and disposals in the UK and internationally.

This Workshop is free to access for all, but with limited places. If you have any questions please contact

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