Identifying opportunities throughout a crisis – BITA Webinar – 22nd July – 4pm

Identifying-opportunities-throughout-a-crisis-EFM-GrowthWith the current covid-19 crisis creating problems for businesses across the UK, business owners and entrepreneurs must not give into the pressure throughout this difficult time.

Don’t let the covid problems keep you up at night. A crisis can create opportunities for businesses. However, not all entrepreneurs will be able to spot these at first.

Both event speakers are experienced business mentors who have helped business owners and entrepreneurs, in a variety of different sectors, overcome pain points, crisis situations and business issues, ensuring the right decisions are made and that the business continues to operate smoothly.

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Nick Harding is an experienced business leader, advisor and owner, with over 40 years of experience in developing fast growing, small to medium sized businesses. He has a strong background in strategic business planning, coaching and mentoring company management boards, starting up companies and growing businesses fast.

Ronny Munster is an experienced Director, having worked with a range of companies in a variety of industries over the past 30 years from smaller start-up ventures to larger companies. Having worked with and for entrepreneurs and business owners for most of his career, he is adept at providing strategic advice to business owners and managers to ensure that companies are able to make the most of the business opportunities presented to them.

This webinar will be followed by an open Q&A session and the opportunity to book a free 1-2-1 consultation with Nick and Ronny after the webinar.

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