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Effective preparation for meeting prospects and clients is key during the early stages of engagement. It’s imperative that you build a profile to help establish what’s currently going on with the business owner, the current status of their company and what they’re hoping to achieve moving forward. It is therefore important to have a structured process in place for when it comes to holding early stage meetings with clients, to ensure you capture as much information around their aims & objectives, business pain points and key focus areas. There is now a cloud based software solution to help assist business owners structure and report their early client engagements.

Introducing the Client Needs Analysis


How the software can help?

The Client Needs Analysis is the perfect tool for performing an initial audit of your clients business in minutes rather than hours. Based on a core set of questions designed to engage the client and identify key pain points and business goals, this cloud based tool provides you with a structured process to analyse your clients’ business and provide a detailed client needs analysis report.

The software’s wizard feature will walk you through the step by step process, guiding you through the four main sections that will dive into client goals, key pain points, priority focus areas and central business systems such as business plans and financial budgets.

After going through the four main sections of the Client Needs Analysis, you will then have the opportunity to generate a professional report in either a Word or PowerPoint slide deck format.

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With the Client Needs Analysis, you will have the confidence in that first meeting with your client or prospect, knowing you have a set structure for the meeting. The open-ended questions will lead to thought-provoking discussion on all topics over and above what is contained within the tool.

Once the topics have been completed, you will have the opportunity to generate a professional report, covering areas such as:

  • Financial Goals
  • Pain Points
  • Priority Areas
  • Action Plan

As the software is purely cloud based, you can access and run the Client Needs Analysis from any location with an internet connection, whether that’s at your place of business or your clients office.

client discovery report

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  • Cloud based software solution
  • Step-by-step wizard guides you through the early client engagement process
  • Create visually impressive reports that are simple, enjoyable & effective
  • Build rapport and trust with your clients
  • Identify goals, gaps, pain points and opportunities in your clients business

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